The Blogger
My name is Angel but you can address me as AY or Enjeru.

I started this blog some time ago due to a few reasons starting off as a personal blog to channel my negative feelings.
The old url was http://angel10140751.blogspot.com but it now no longer exist as I deleted it instead of linking it here.
Anyway that doesn't really matter anymore, I can always start afresh.
is the reason why I named my blog Angel For Angel By Angel.
This blog is my reminder, my planner and the representation of myself.

The Daughter
Born into the Yong family on 2 November 1991.
Tiny me sleeping in my dad's arms.

The Cute Stuffs Lover
Me and my teddy, I do like teddies up until now.
Anything cute and you'll be seeing me smiling.

The Attention Seeker
Always an attention seeker and love to pout my lips (told you it's natural).
Fashion sense? Maybe a little.

The Talkative/Outspoken Girl
Class photo in September 1996.
Guess where am I?
I was always branded the talkative and outspoken girl.
My playmates?
Obviously mostly are boys, WTF.
Also I'm the tallest among my kindie mates.

The Sister
Me and my cute siblings in year of 1997.

The Envious
With my cousin during Chinese New Year in 1997.
I've always envied her because of her long locks.
One of my bad attributes.

My family portrait.

The Competitive One
The nerd who was always striving for the first place in school.
Competitive and kiasu(afraid to lose).
Started wearing specs when I was in standard 2, couldn't even see what's written on the blackboard.
Always entering story telling and drawing competition.

The Poser
With my mum (Photo bombed by my younger cousin bro).
I am a poser, didn't care about what people think as long as I'm happy.
Was constantly reading fashion magazines to brush up my fashion flair.
Here on I picked up sports(netball, volleyball and handball) and public speaking.
Represented the school on various occasions.

The Fearful
Me during 2008 sporting an ugly bob.
I was feared due to my huge voice and my fierce looks.
Represented the school in loads of academic and non-academic activities/competitions throughout my school days but I enjoyed debating the most.
Love to be able to speak sarcasm without fearing for your life.
Form 4 period was the best as I can always skip classes to practice for our debate competition.

The Camwhore
Ever since I bought my very first phone with my hard earned cash in 2009, I took pictures like nobody's business.

The Vanishing Act
PAAK class photo with Miss Chim in 2010!!!
I was always missing from school as I overslept and refuse to wake up.
I made sure I finish all my homework and copied all my notes even if I didn't attend school.

The Working Girl
With my pretty colleagues.
Started to work after my Form 5 and continued working part time even when I was doing my Form 6.
My classmates spent their time with tuitions but I worked.

The Vain Girl
Always all dressed up even though I'm fat.
It's better to be all dressed up than to be under dressed.

Regardless of what it is; may it be photography, drawing, fashion and so on : 

There you have it, know me a little better now?
Keep reading my blogs to know more about me.

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