Monday, January 12, 2015

Post Mortem For Being A HR Manager

This dates back to July 2014. I started working as a HR after much persuasions by a certain friend and I was later introduced to this boss of company X which was hiring outdoor salespersons and telemarketers. So for the first month and a half, I was practically okay with the job cause although I have experience in HR but this is still a different industry itself.

Halfway through the friend left as he felt that he couldn't excel in this industry but I felt that it wasn't fair to the company or myself if I were to leave without giving some effort trying so I stayed on doing recruitment. 

So for the next two months, I was practically doing recruitment, orientation and product training (mainly for telemarketers). Regardless how much effort I put in or how many staffs that I recruit, the percentage of new staffs staying is less than 1%. In this two months itself, I've recruited more than 50 people and less than 2 stayed.

Up until here, I think that many of you might feel that it is due to my inexperience or me not performing my duty. But let me tell you straight, these few months I've been working 7 days a week with almost no off day just because I wanted to gain more experience and succeed in this industry. And the reason to why in my opinion the staffs left, I will tell you later on.

After all the hassle and the staffs started to show positive results in November, the boss thinks that it's fine to cut cost and get rid of underperforming staffs. Mind you, there's only about 12 staffs in company X up-to-date at that moment. With just two days of my off day, the one thing I see is lesser and lesser staffs in the company. And by the end of me being in company X, the confirmed staffs are less than 2 with non-confirmed staffs of less than 7 which makes it less than 11 staffs working.

The reason why I left company X is mainly due to salary wise and I don't see any advancement of career in that particular company itself. The boss always promise that I will be repayed with good salary and all but I don't see how that can be realized anyhow.

Moving on, these are a few things that I noticed while working in company X :

1) No Clear Guidelines for Management

Company X has no handbook, SOPs or  straightforward guidelines to how the management works. Each and everything has to be referred to the boss. Although the boss always asks for opinions but most of it fall onto deaf ears as all he cares about is the company will not do anything that is not profitable (eventhough at that point company X was facing difficulties making new recruits stay).

2) Ever-changing Decisions

Have you ever heard of a company that revises the salary of staffs for more than 5 times within the timeframe of 2 months? Well, this happened in company X. The jobscopes of the management also changes to the boss's liking just because he feels that we are not performing up to his standards and he is not making $$$.

3) Unethical Practices

Company X always states that it is a commission house structured company therefore no EPF and SOCSO will be paid even to management level staffs who are not confirmed staffs. Besides that, company X practices no salary on the first 7 working days (treated as training period) which I find no problem at first but then when the boss himself started helping out in recruitment, he himself most of the times missed out mentioning this point which leads to heated arguments when staffs are being asked to leave within the first 7 working days period without pay. (At one point, he slammed the table and raised his voice towards me for his own fault.)
Other than that, he issues payment of salary on every 7th of the month using cheque even when the amount is very minimal. This has lead to dissatisfaction among staffs who doesn't own an account in the bank of the issued cheque.
There will be no immediate payment of salary upon dismissal or termination although that is by law what should be done.

4) Attitude and Behaviour

As a typical Malaysian employer, the boss is always raising his voice towards staffs and threatening to terminate staffs or dismiss them when he feels like it. He always show his papaya face whenever there is no sales. He says that he don't want to be too close with the staffs saying that there should be a gap between the management and staffs but he ended up fooling around with the staffs up to his liking. He has a habit of keeping himself in the past when he is still a HR in another company. Always comparing to how he does things and how things were in his era. In my opinion, if you were so successful you wouldn't have to restructure your whole telemarketing firm before I came into picture.
Blatantly lying about my salary to the staffs is the worst of all that I can say. As long as I was with company X, there is no any written contract for my employment (only verbal).
Please consider properly before accusing me of having attitude problems when you yourself don't know how to be a boss. Never in my life that I've seen a boss who often tell off staffs by mentioning that they have no right to tell you how to be a boss. An employee regardless of how low his/her position has all the right to tell you in their opinion how a boss should be whether you like it or not. If you think that the opinion is not constructive or not to your liking, you can disregard it and thank them for the opinion and not telling them off by imposing power play.

In a nut shell, being a HR manager (plus trainer, QC, etc.) at company X really showed me how different Malaysian bosses are compared to other Asian and European bosses. Anyhow, I would like to thank company X for all the good and bad experience gained.

There are lots more for me to rant if I were to go on but I'll end here for now.

Happy belated new year 2015.



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