Monday, September 09, 2013

MC On A Monday

Hey people, I is back from me hiatus!
My apologies for not updating for about 7 months, I've been having a hard time deciding whether to fix the laptop that my dad bought me(which the motherboard died out) or buy a new one.
Did you guys miss me?
Well, I think most of you don't but that's okay. (cries in my pillow)
At least I miss me blog.

Just gonna share some short updates for today.
As the title says, I'm on an MC today because I have skin allergy according to the doctor.
I've been developing rashes which Chinese called 风膜 on and off for almost a month and a half but yet I tolerated the itch as I don't really wanna go see the doctor.
However, things got worse last Saturday where the rashes spread all over my body except for my face(lucky or what?).
At first, it started off like mosquito bites but gradually developed to a larger size.
You will be able to understand after taking a look at the pictures below.

*viewer discretion advised*

The doctor gave me some oral medication and a medicine called Calamine to apply on my rashes.
I would say the oral medication are meh but Calamine is like heaven!
Calmed my itch from hell.

Well, that is all from me.
Leaving you with two of my selfies.

Take care and talk to you guys soon!

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