Monday, February 18, 2013

CNY Part 1.

The awaited CNY post that everybody did, see Miyen's post here.

I'm a bit late on updating because I just had the chance to use my desktop.

 Dyed my hair just two days before CNY, everything was so last minute for me.

 CNY eve without makeup.
Had reunion dinner with my uncle(maternal's side) before heading out with the gang.

Red for the 1st day of CNY (年初一), the only red clothe I have for this year.
Had steamboat at my uncle's(maternal side) house and had the worst period pain.
Totally mindfucked.  

2nd day of CNY (年初二) look, went with an all pink theme.
 We went 拜年 at my relatives's(paternal side) house in BB.

From pink makeup to pink dress.

3rd day of CNY (年初三).
Wore a sleeveless fake two piece dress.

Again I did neutral makeup, pink and brown eyeshadow.
It was a gathering for the family as it's my cousin sister's wedding dinner.
They already did their ROM in US, just to replace back the tea ceremony.
 It was kind of fun but there was a lot of waiting too.
Oh well, I wish them happiness in their path to come as husband and wife.
Congratulations to you, Cousin Gloria and Patrick.

Added more makeup (more intense eyeliner) and changed into an orange top and galaxy leggings before going to a gathering session with my secondary school mates.

Actually wanted to wear this as a dress but it's a bit short at the back so I paired it with leggings.

16 of us.

Well, I think that's about it for now.
I'm a little lazy to sort out the pictures I took using this desktop rather than my laptop.

Happy Chinese New Year 2013 
Happy Belated Valentine's  from me!

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