Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wednesday hangouts

 It has been raining like every single day here as you guys know it's the monsoon season we're facing.
Nope, the world is not ending yet.
But luckily it was sunny yesterday so hurray and hastily went out with Miyen to do some catching up.

Here are some pics of what I was doing before going out.
Undoing my braids that I slept with overnight.

Just in case you didn't follow me on Instagram, here's the braid I slept with.

Alalala~~~wavy hair.

Then I became inspired to play with my hair.
#1 Looped pigtails 

 #2 Textured braids

#3 Fishtail braid

And guess what, I went out with my fishtail braid cause was hurrying out.

Anyway we were all hype up because Miyen said she'll be going to NN Comic Bloggers Gathering on Saturday, happy that she'll be going even though I can't make it.
Then, suddenly she tweeted that she might not be going after all.
Why?? Why?? Why??
At least one of us should go ma..

Moving on to the agenda of the day, we were

Miyen looking as if she got makeup with her Vivian contact lens in blue.

Now that we both have S2s sure must make good use of the camera, selca a bit la..

Miyen was like, the guy over there looked at us selca and when she stared at him he looked away.
And I was like, come come, we take picture of him and put on our blog, as if.

Then came another Indian couple who were camwhoring also la, but they're way beyond amateur.
I mean why use flash when you are in this well lit cafe?
Come on now, flash so many times until my eye also pain.

 Ohai, here's my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Tomyam fried rice, tastes decent enough.

My ice blended mocha, tomyam fried rice and our snacks, nuggets and fries which I forced Miyen to eat.
Lolol, I ruined her dieting of the day.

Miyen editing piccies and smiling.
Oh, there's her milk tea.

And the nugget I ordered which came with fries.
I like surprises.

More selcas of me, cause the lighting was nice.

The interior of Ori Spice Cafe.

Miyen with the lamp.

We sat at the Japanese style seats.

Every table has these nice chrysanthemums.

The art above us...lolol.

Miyen's nice legs and my arm...haha.

What this Miyen doing ar?

Two tortoises, feng shui tortoises as Miyen says.
They're real and alive okay?

Last one of Miyen and her epicness.
Milk tea kopitiam style...lolol.

Moving on, we went around town playing tourist in Kampar. FML.
Nah, your OOTD for yesterday.
Her static smile because I forced her to take one.

Of us.

Walking and taking pic of self.

Ending this post with our long legs.
UPDATED : Miyen's account of the day, HERE.

That's all for yesterday.
Stay tuned for more to come.

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