Saturday, November 03, 2012

Nuffnang Comic Bloggers

Hi everybody and hello November!
My favorite month and my 21st birthday just passed!
Hurray that I'm officially 21 right now although it's just 2 months away before 2012 ends....

Well, today I'll be trying a new approach of blogging, thru my drawings and doodles.

Since the age of 3, I've fallen in love with art like literally.
I always draw and color whatever that gets into my mind.
No, I'm born with talents and I've never had art lessons except the lousy ones in school if you know what I mean.

Ever since stepping into primary school, I feel like being robbed.
Every single time, my art teacher will go like 
"Can I borrow your art for exhibition or as an example?"
and that will be the last time I'll ever see my artwork.
No credits given to me!!
Teacher, why you like this?!
My hard work leh, do you know how sad I am?
I do treasure all my drawings.

Now, feast your eyes on some of my artwork yo!!
#1 Independence day's drawing competition artwork in 2002

#2 My artwork but by the name of my brother because this was supposed to be his homework.
Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

#3 Colouring competition in 2001
Yeah, I know I didn't draw this so just continue scrolling!

#4 CNY artwork of 2002
#5 I know this patchwork has nothing to do with today's topic in hand but Mum requested that I put this on my blog.
So yeah...I can can't deny her of a small request right?

See how generous of me to let you feast your eyes on my artworks.
Actually, I stopped drawing after Form 5 due to some reasons but then again I found new flare when I stumbled upon the comic blogs of these two current masters of the comic blogging world.
Tried my best drawing Ernest but my hand really trembled like hell for some reason.
But still handsome hor???
I know, I know, the hair color is not right.
But I really don't know where all my dark brown color go.
Me thinks she looks good in this very anime colored hair.

Boleh tahanlah right?
First time in almost 4 years of not drawing..

So, the reason I drew doodles is because I want to attend the Comic Bloggers Gathering.
And why do I want to go???
It's because I'm dying to meet them, I already missed them during #Churpout2012 so surely cannot miss this chance!

Needless to mention that CAFFeine is sponsoring all the good food and coffee!!
Please satisfy my coffee addiction.
No, I'm not drooling right now over the pictures of their coffee!

Last but not least, 
if you're interested to meet Ernest Ng and Chee Chingy....
do submit your entries cause the deadline has been extended till 
6th November 2012(before 12pm)!
Cool or not?!
More info HERE.

That's all folks!
I'm gonna continue drooling staring over the pictures of yummy coffee.

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