Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

These are the products and tools that I used.
1. theBalm hot ticket nail polish in Boysenberry
2. TheFaceShop nail polish in YL702 (Yellow)
3. TheFaceShop nail polish in GR 502 (Green)
4. TheFaceShop FACEit nail polish in SL211 (Glitter)
5. TheFaceShop base/top coat in 03 (Light blue)
6. Elianto nail polish in 29 Blue Splash
7. Elianto 3D floral nail art sticker in 06 PK/WT
8. Sponge
Not in picture :
9. Nail polish remover
10. Cotton swabs
11. Gem picker

Firstly start off with clean buffed nails.

Apply strengthener(I skipped this) and base coat.

Then apply a small amount of the colors you want on the sponge as such.

Slowly dab the colors onto your nails.

Dab cotton swabs with nail remover to clean excess if needed.

You can seal your design straight away with top coat.

The gradient itself looks nice and complicated as if you did it in a nail salon.

Optional :
Then apply nail different stickers onto your nails respectively.

I decided to make it a small detail on the index finger by applying hexagon glitter pieces in a half moon shape with the aid of the gem picker.

I then applied the glitter nail polish on the middle finger and pinky.

Lastly, seal your design with top coat.
Tadah...easy peasy.

P/S : Please allow each coat of nail polish to dry thoroughly before moving onto the next.
Apply a fresh coat of top coat every 3 to 4 days for long-lasting wear.

See ya!

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