Friday, October 12, 2012

Le Cameron Trip!

Me and my BFF went for a Cameron Highland's trip on Tuesday. 
I've been waiting for my friends to upload their part of photos too before I blog.
Therefore, I'm gonna leave you with this crazy long ass post before I leave for KL later tonight.
From left : Nick (the chaffeur who used to owns a dom dom factory), Remy (the flirt of the century), YanQ (the cool amoi) and lastly me the fatso (yeah, I gained weight lately for eating nonstop, serves me right!)

Our first stop of the day : Bharat Plantations. See how happy they are!!

This very thing captured my attention as there are no flowers in this pot. Has all the flowers been plucked down?

Nearby Rose Valley and Bee Farm.


P/s : from now onwards the photos are no longer in chronological order as there are too many and I'm lazy.

Hiao boy is hiao....haha.

At S'Corner Kea Farm.

The trio.

Candid shot.

Scattered bunch.

Peace ^^v

We were looking at these apparently.

RM10 for whole box, cheap but I don't know what to do with them so ended up not buying. not?


Thou shall not touch but my friends still itchy hand go touch.

Pink one, don't know call what.

Us three...^^

Meanwhile for this chio bu...she couldn't resist this cute lamb.

Had lunch at Great Taste Cafe, which turns out to be a misery for Remy.
The usual meatarian turned into a vegetarian.

And luckily mine turned out alright.

Me and YanQ at Cactus Point.
I'm terribly fat already...T.T

I didn't know that YanQ took my pic while I was concentrating on my photography 


Colorful pots of sunflowers.
Mini cacti.


The third one from the left looks like Mickey Mouse cactus.

Imagine falling onto these.....O_O

Nick with his ice cream and a sea of cacti.

Remy being playful.

Nick's itchy hand.

Remy being silly.

YanQ and impatiens.

Me trying to camwhore but ended up being caught.

I say is pink rose, my mum says is pink peony so I also don't know.

Yellow ones.

Can see the bee?

Bright orange impatiens.

White impatiens.

 Fuchsia impatiens.

Uh...I forgot what the color's name is.

More of impatiens.

Firecracker flower, my mum says.

Nick is happy with his ice cream when this happened.

Never have I thought that someone can be high on ice creams.

Tea time at Green View Garden on the way back as it suddenly rained heavily.



Remy crying cause apparently none of the above are his.

Mine....all mine.
Strawberry coffee and black forest cheese cake.

Last one, the Bharat tea plantation.

Finally, I finished this post!!
My internet speed is inconsistent and Imma rush to bath right now!
Bus at 7pm!!
Everything so last minute for me.
Lazy Angel is lazy.

 See you guys at ChurpOut tomorrow!!


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