Thursday, October 18, 2012

Killing Monday Blues.

Miyen and I went out this Monday to have some catching up after the #Churpout event.
Careless girl left her eyeliner in my friend's car, luckily my friend realize it.

Anyway starting with my cam whore shot for the day.

I had brunch at 大家姐 pan noodles in old town (forgot to take photos though, was busy chatting with Miyen).
After that our meal, we strolled around town and saw this.
The 矮仔铺 that was burnt in the wee hours.
Quite a pity though the shops are to be relocated this Saturday.

Since we were near the bus stop, we decided to enter Bandar Baru.
Played a few sessions of pool at Maxbreak before moving on to Secret Recipe for our tea time.

The atmosphere at Secret Recipe.

Cute lil' Miyen looking so tired.

Camwhored while waiting for our food to come.

Top : Chamomile tea, long black & flat white.
Middle : Black forest cheese cake & chocolate banana cake.
Bottom : Chocolate banana cake & durian cheese cake.

This was what's left after 1 minute...lolol.

Camwhored again while waiting for the bus that didn't come.

Here's Miyen's account of the day.

Ending this post with two pictures that I edited that evening.
# before
# after



Nights people, have a pleasant Thursday!

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