Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#Churpout 2012!!

Were you people at #ChurpOut 2012 last Saturday at Publika Solaris Dutamas?
Yes? No?!
Well, I was and this is actually my first ever ''blogger'' event.
My debut with Miyen apparently, we went with my friend, Edward and her BF.
I never really had a chance to be involve in such events as I'm stuck in Kampar so, I really looked forward to join events as such.
Still don't believe I actually went there although I left early due to some circumstances.
Miyen wrote her experience here.

Anyway, I looked like this that day.
Fierce not?

We were a bit lost on the way to Publika (thanks to my stupid GPS and the rain!). 
Luckily we reached there before 2pm but most of the stuffs that I was aiming for is gone...FML!

 Saw this very picture on Instagram while waiting Miyen to arrive.
I was already being anal that I won't be able to get the stuffs I wanted and it was proved to be true.
(Picture taken from Instagram)

A view of the registration counter upon our arrival.
First 1000 to RSVP will get a free goody bag. 
(Picture courtesy of Miyen)

How it looks like. 
Sorry, having problems rotating this photo in particular.

Stuffs inside the goody bag : Vouchers, leaflets and Durex products.
Yup, that's right Durex is one of the main sponsors for #ChurpOut 2012.

See what you missed? The marketplace is totally packed.
(Picture taken from Instagram)

Foruchizu aka Cheesie and Audrey.
Finally got to meet them in person, it still feels surreal up until now. I'm still on cloud nine because Audrey posted this on her blog.

With the famous Japanese fashion blogger, Cheesie
(Still an understatement to describe her but that's the only thing I can come out with now.)
When we reached, she and Audrey were both having their lunch so me and Miyen went browsing for stuffs.
Cheesie was so so so CUTE that she kept apologizing when her money fell and the clothes rack fell apart.

With the cute Mrs Tiah, Audrey.
Her eyes really are big and she was sick that day, pity her.

Foruchizu stall.

(Picture courtesy of Miyen)

Jane Chuck's stall.
Miyen was squealing like a little girl pestering me to go meet her.
(Picture courtesy of Miyen)

With model cum blogger, Jane Chuck.
She is pretty and friendly indeed.

It was totally happening there!!!
(Picture taken from Instagram)

The outdoor arena which I missed....le sigh. 
(Picture courtesy of Miyen)

Manhand performing!!
Ahhh, I should've stayed....regret MAX!

Nom nom nom at the marketplace.
(Picture taken from Instagram)

Bought these from Foruchizu.
Loving them.

Me in the bus back to Kampar.
It was actually quite an ordeal for me as I sprained my right ankle on Friday night but I still insisted to go to #Churpout 2012.
Follow my Instagram and you will see my swollen ankle.

Oh last thing before I end.
I'll be starting a chinese blog here.

That's all for my experience at #Churpout 2012.

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