Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mad and happy at the same time.

Sorry guys for not blogging for quite some time, was too damn lazy to move my butt to open my lappie because I got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S2. #firstworldwoes 
I went out with Miyen today just for fun and guess what?
We both wore the shorts of the same colour, fashion taboo as she said but to me this just proved that we are that damn close leh...can read each other's mind some more. #shamelessness
We're both super excited about Chessie's appearance for this month's Vivi and finally got our own copy (p/s : I usually read it online)!
Cheesilicious edition...woohoo!! 

Plus, Ayumi Hamasaki as the front page model some more. Loves!!!

While we were hype for getting our hands on Vivi, something crazy and disgusting happened to us.
As we were happily walking and chatting, I heard the sound of someone using a camera behind of us. Once, I ignored it..twice, I looked behind and saw a man using his Nokia N95 snapping pictures of us.
My reaction was like WTF!!!! What the hell is he doing?!!! Crazy maniac!!!
Uhhh....I turned around,said loudly to Miyen : What is he doing?!! and the maniac didn't even budged and keep pointing his phone to our direction. Bloody hell....I was about to scream at him when Miyen asked me to walk faster. To our horror, he kept following us until he got on his bicycle. Then I asked Miyen to slow down our pace and then we went near a supermarket where the crowd is.
Until now I'm pissed that a maniac was taking pictures of our back without our permission...only God knows what is he thinking, disgusted at the thought of that pervert!!!!
To be fair, this is what I wore today.
I'm just wearing a singlet and shorts....if you live in Kampar, you'll surely understand that it's too hot here to wear long pants especially when you're not driving.
Nothing fancy right??

We then decided to cool ourselves down with a nice bowl of ABC.

But come to think of it, I should've questioned the perverted guy for his actions as the proof is in his fucking phone. 
Note to self : next time do shout out loud and make a scene, let him feel sorry for messing with me.

Ending off this post with some camwhore shots of me using s2's front camera.

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