Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awful mistake made.

As you all know (as if you have not already know), Nuffnang had launch a new app namely NuffnangX.
 Just like any other blogger, I downloaded the app feeling all hyped up until I faced problems claiming my own blog.
Feeling impatient, I sent about two to three tickets asking for technical help.
But...but...but then, I just realized I did a terrible MISTAKE upon signing up for NuffnangX JUST MOMENTS AGO.
You know what?
I just notice that I enter a different user name instead the one I used on Nuffnang.
FML, why I so damn stupid one?!!
 No wonder I've been having troubles adding new post through Innit.
So I dumbly added two recent post under the name of Angel Y instead AY5234 through Innit just now.
How careless can I be?
Nuffnang, please forgive for pestering you due to my own foolishness.
 However, I would really appreciate if I were to be able to claim my blog sooner as I've been missing out a lot due to this.

For those who haven't download NuffnangX app, 
please go and do so!
You don't know what you're missing out on!

That's all for now.

Updated : Finally claimed my blog!!!
Do follow me on NuffnangX.

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