Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A day at Mid Valley.

Well, this is gonna be a long ass post as I'm too hardworking to make a part two for it.
So, I went to Kuala Lumpur last Saturday by bus and the traffic was horrendous. 
Jam at most places and as if it's not bad enough, buses weren't allowed to enter Puduraya Just Because the PM came for the OFFICIAL opening ceremony AFTER months of using it. PURRFECT!!!

Went for brunch at Kiku Zakura in Mid Valley on a friend's treat...^^v
# Kiku Zakura
Lot No T-025, Third Floor, 
Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, 
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel / Fax : 03-2284 0173

# Blurry image of the interior.

# Another one of the interior.

# Captured this whilst waiting for our order.

# Potato salad as appetizer.
Recommended by my friend and it is YUMMY!!

# Renkon chips, my favourite.
I don't really geddit but why Japanese food ain't oily??

# Unagi Temaki
Was craving for unagi but don't feel like ordering their Unagu, finally opted for this.

# Katsu Curry Rice
My friend's favourite.

# Chicken Teriyaki Rice.
I felt that the portion was a lot but the taste was nothing out of the ordinary.

# Yakitori
This one was also recommended by my friend and the taste was fine.
I myself would prefer more tender meat though.

Overall, I find that the ambiance was nice. Service was alright.
Food was not bad but sadly to say that it's a little overpriced.

Moving on, Ford's Focus exhibition.
# View from above.

# Ford Focus in Black.

# Yellow Focus?

# The engine in blue Focus.

I wasn't that interested but my friend wanted have a look so what I did was capturing photos.

The following photos are highly addictive & overdosed with creativity and cuteness.

 # 1 Mickey as Gold Gladiator

# 2

# 3

# 4 Sponsored by HSBC I presume?

# 5 Butterfly?

# 6 Princess or fairy?

# 7 Japanese Minnie.

# 8 Disco Mickey? 

# 9 ''Le eyes are bling bling'', says Mickey.

 # 10 Pink and white themed?

# 11 Nature themed, I guess.

# 12 Beetle Mickey. 
I think this is cute and cool at the same time, love it!

# 13 Gigantic Mickey.

# 14 Knight Mickey in shining armor.

# 15 Felt so hypnotized....@_@

# 16

# 17

# 18 Captain Mickey Hook, yer look manly with yer moustache. ^^

# 19 Donut Minnie look so sweet...yums.

# 20 Rocker Mickey.

# 21 Count Mickey thirsting for blood~~

# 22 Mickey as Captain America.
The butt is a bit fat though.

 # 23

# 24 Swag!!!

# 25 Bold prints.

# 26 Good old Mickey.

#27 Woohoo, basket baller Mickey.

# 28 Mickey all in sequin.
Another Captain America wannabe.

#29 Can anyone tell me what is this made from?
I'm stucked.

# 30 Awesome you are Mickey!

 # 31 SpiderMickey and Dr OctoMickey.

 # 32 Tron Mickey.

#33 This captured my attention the most, cute!
Was having a hard time taking this photo due to a very inconsiderate man who was nonstop taking photos of this Mickey as if his dad owns the place.
Cropped out his stupid hand!

# 34 Last one, ending with Davy Jones.
I bet you don't wanna end up in his locker.

Hope you people are enjoying your Tuesday!!!

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