Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guilty pleasure : Shopping

It's been long since I've blogged with substance. My apologies.

Well, I finally went to AEON Ipoh yesterday thanks to my friend.

We started off our journey around 10.30am and by the time we reached, the place is already full of people. It's just the holidays, why so many people??

We had our brunch at Nando's which was just ay-okay for me.

Moving on to shopping like literally while my friend waited for me....feel so sorry for him.

Guess what? I visited Sasa and La Senza.

When I first entered Sasa, nobody bother to serve me. 
Maybe I don't look like a serious buyer to them...sad.
Le haul from Sasa.

NP : RM59.90
The tip of the liner is very fine and it glides on smoothly.
Managed to take it off only with makeup remover, waterproof and oil proof i.e. perfect for oily skin like mine.

NP : RM59.00
This was suggested by the salesperson at Sasa, said to be a doctor's brand.
Tried it and miraculously my nose area became as smooth as baby's skin, visible minimized pore size.
I think it would be effective in a long run.

 #3 Oh So Pretty Kit from the Balm's cosmetic.
NP : RM157.00
Items included are : 
Plump Your Pucker sheer and tinted lip gloss with Maxi-lip in passion fruit(sheer sparkly mauve)
Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Boysenberry
Mini Kabuki Brush (super cute)
and last but not least the main attraction (at least to me)
The colour is super pretty and gives you a very natural glow....

P/s : Sorry for not being able to state out the promotion price as I think the salesperson forgot to give me a receipt.

Next stop : La Senza.
The salesgirl there was very friendly and helpful. She wasn't pushy and kept telling me : It's okay even if you don't buy, you can try.
Why you so friendly one?!
She introduced me to 2 kinds of push up bras : 
level 2(Classic Oopmh) and level 3(Intense).
For those of you who needs an extra push, go for level 3 and you will definitely feel va-va-voom!

I opted for the level 2 bras as the pads inside are removable which makes it look more natural looking, feels as comfy as level 3.
Level 2 - Classic Oomph from The Show Off Collection with removable push up micro with ruched cups
in Safari Neon Purple and Graphic Rose.
RM160 for 2
It is 84% nylon and 16% elastane, no wonder feel so smooth.
Super love the center bow, ribbon trimmings and the slim adjustable straps.
What's even better is it has a sexy deep plunge shape....loves.

Joined as a member for just RM30.00 to enjoy the above privileges for one whole year.

The design of the card is so cute and they even have a detachable key chain just in case if you forgot your card, how thoughtful!

Last stop was at Daiso.
Purchased surgical tape for makeup and DIY purposes and also bubble nets.
RM5 per item

That's all for this shopping haul.
Total spent : RM400 ++

How can I even spend so much in a day?!!
Shopping sure is a guilty pleasure for about you?


  1. WOW! Very, very nice haul! Albeit spending a lot. Glad you finally got around to going to Aeon! :D

    Btw, my credit expired again that day. Lol. Topped up since then. I've been super busy packing and buying stuff for my trip :( I will see you after my trip k darling? :D

  2. thanks princess. i saw you did an awesome haul yourself...loves. have a safe journey and enjoy yourself my dear, text me when you`re back.^^

  3. Wow, you sure hauled a lot of stuff from your shopping trip! Love the makeup set from The Balm. :D

    1. Thanks Laura, but the haul sure burnt a hole in my purse...lolol.


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