Friday, July 06, 2012

Late night project : Crazy over pink DIY nails

DIY another nail art because I finally bought the necessary nail polishes.

Tools : 
5 different polishes, 3D nail art stars, polish remover, art color palette, brush, q-tip stick, cotton buds, facial sponge

From left :
Matte white from Elianto
Beige from Elianto
Hot pink (some china brand)
Clear pink with glitter (some china brand)
Clear (some china brand)

Did a 3 tone nails.
1st : Matte white + hot pink in a ratio of 3:2
**applied with brush on all finger nails except for index finger
2nd : Beige + hot pink in a ratio of 1:3
**applied by dabbing with sponge
3rd : Hot pink
** applied directly in any way you prefer
4th : Clear pink with glitter
**applied on top of the hot pink except for index finger
***applied on the nail except for the hot pink part for index finger
5th : Matte white
**using the q-tip stick draw simple lines on the starting of the hot pink part of the thumb, index finger and pinky
6th : 3D nail art stars
**put one near the cuticle on the ring finger
***put four stars lining the starting of hot pink part of the middle finger
7th : Clear
**applied as top coat
(My final result turned out a bit smeared for the middle finger because I didn't realize that the clear nail polish has been over diluted with nail polish remover by the seller.)

Left hand

Right hand.

That's all for now.
Hope you all liked it.


  1. Wow, awesome nail art! And the colour is lovely~ :D

    1. Hey Laura, glad that you like it. =) Thanks for dropping by...<3<3


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