Thursday, July 05, 2012

Haul of the day.

Me and my shopaholic friend, Miyen went shopping around town today and I'm the one who is doing all the shopping which is OMG.

Forgot to take a picture of myself I'll just show you what I bought today.
#1 - Brownish grey deep V satin dress for RM35.00 (half price)
It comes with a matching belt as below.
The brand : Dora Nara from Korea. (Discontinued item)

#2 - Pink color and clear nail polish for RM2.00 each.

#3 - Pink colored 3D star for RM4.90.
Sorry for the blurry picture, my hp's camera went out of focus.
#1 to #3 bought from Pisces Boutique.

#4 - Vintage look bangles set for RM7.00 (half price)
Bought from Selectors.

#5 - Cotton facial squares for RM3.31
The brand : Guardian
From Guardian of course.

Astonished that I just bought this when Guardian is having sales??
Me and Miyen actually convinced ourselves to go take a look at SaSa first so that we won't regret. Anyway we were very tempted with many of the items there.....just wish we were filthy rich. >w<

#6 - Nail polish remover with strengthening Vitamin E for RM5.52
The brand : Watsons
Don't care WTF then buy.
#7 - Treatment conditioner (500ml) for RM15.92
The brand : Pure Beauty
Fucking cheap!!

#8 - Deep cleansing nose pore tape for RM6.93
The brand : Watsons
Bought it because 30% off with RM20 purchase (PWP).

#6 to #8 from Watsons.
 Cute little Miyen actually hid herself when I told her that our secondary school teacher was coming in.....haha.

#9 - Beige color platform peep toes shoes for RM62.00
Got extra discount because I kind of know the boss there, #happy.
From Sense Fashion House.
Detailing : Orange polka dots bow with gold trimmings.
Some more got pattern on the sides, plus it has RUBBER soles!
#superlike, finally got something that's more to Japanese fashion in Kampar.
The brand : DOLL'z from Korea.
Fucking like this shoe box because it's blue and so shiny.
 Well that's all for my shopping haul today.
Hope you all enjoyed your Thursday and rejoice because tomorrow is Friday.

P/s : My mum and brothers are getting sick because of the haze and awful weather.
Hope that they'll get well soon.

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