Sunday, July 08, 2012

Another haul for me.

Yes, I've been on a relentless shopping spree this month.

I suppose that girls will always be girls.

Moving on to today's haul : 
 #1 Maybelline long extreme stiletto mascara in black (waterproof)
RM29.61 (NP : RM32.90) from Guardian.
Tempted to buy the one that Miyen bought : Maybelline hypercurl mascara. However after I saw K.L Cao (Secretofabionerd channel in Youtube) using it I feel like I wanna give it a try.

 #2 Nano white clarifying cleansing milk
RM16.91 from Guardian.
I ended up buying this instead of Bifest Makeup Remover from Mandom because the salesperson there interrupted my thoughts.....ahhh~~~hope it works just as well.

#3 Fake two piece chiffon top in grey and white
RM29 from Dolls Boutique.
Bought this piece because it's flowy and has pockets.

#4 Chiffon high low skirt in black.
RM28 from H&Y boutique (downstairs my house).
 Bought this skirt just cause I wanted a high low skirt and the long part can be buttoned up like below which makes it 2 way.

#5 Brown and ivory colored enamel metal bangle
RM18.00 also from H&Y boutique
Liked and bought.

That's all for now.
Stay tuned for more reviews on beauty products.
 Good nights and stay away from Monday blues people.

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