Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walking our way to civilization.

My gosh, it's Monday and we (Miyen and I) were trapped in the route to nothingness.
Talking about Monday blues.

And so, we started our journey in search of '' Mr Ham Dan Wong'' aka the sun and getting back into civilization. #challengeaccepted
  After gruesome hours of walk (actually it's only more or less a 20 minutes walk), we finally found our ''ham dan wong''.
Tears of joy, leaps like crazy!!

A picture of Miyen with the not so visible sun. ><''
Well, that's better than me who accidentally deleted my photo.
**Cries and throws a tantrum, banging my head on the laptop.**

Walking through routes that leads us back to civilization.

Snapping photos on the way. 
If anyone of you saw us, you might be thinking that we are some nutcase but we're NOT.
We're just gathering moments of us getting back into civilization, please don't despise us.
(There were actually quite a number of oncoming vehicles giving us THE LOOKS.)

Candid shot.

Guess where we went?
Joining the crowd in Ochado....it's outrageous how new stuff can attract people in this small town.

 Both of us waiting for our drinks with our very tired looks.
Imagine yourself walking in an arid land....gosh, you should be looking like this too.

 Another picture of us....woohoo!!

**drum rolls**
Presenting hawties new specs.

Interior of Ochado.
How do you like it?

 Our drinks : Miyen's Ochado milk tea & my Okinawa milk tea
When placing our orders, the cashier is sibeh bias leh. 
She asked Miyen about the sugar level she wants and she didn't ask me lor....jelly jor.
It's even funnier that she suddenly started to promote their mille crepe in Mandarin when we were conversing in English all the way.....she must be lost in her wonderland of Ochado.

Posting this photo just cause Miyen is posing with her new specs although I look weird here.

See the chio bu enjoying her Ochado milk tea with such a serious face.
She must be tasting and evaluating them carefully.
It costs us RM5.90 each leh, sure must work our taste buds la.

Chio bu and her milk tea again....
Okay lah, I cropped out the top part cause it was totally blurred because she was shy to take photos with lots of people looking.

Me diligently drinking my milk tea.....hoho.

Well, the drinks were a-okay only...nothing to be so hyped up about.
However, new things sure attract a lot of people especially UTAR & KTAR students here.
The queue was so fucking long even though it's already 9pm....couldn't even understand those people.

And oh yeah, Domino's Pizza is here too and the place is fucking packed.

These people act like the food and drinks are FOC when you actually have to pay.

 This is the outfit of the day : 
Laced cropped top by my belated grandma, blue singlet dress from Dolls boutique, Angela Moda wedges from GCE store.
Yes, I braved through the day in these pairs of wedges.
And now my legs are fucking killing me......

Yesterday's make.

 Obligatory pose.

Another photo.

Ending this post with my latest haul : compact mirror.
Blue with vintage look.
Mission accomplished.

Last but not least, I'm getting my brand new glasses on Wednesday.
Why so happy ar? New specs only mar....
I'm happy because I found out that I'm not as blind as I thought I was.
Totally shocked to see that my power was only -4.50 rather than -7.50 that I thought I was before.
Reduced by so much leh even though I'm facing my lappie like almost every single spare moment that I have.
This is totally AMAZING!!

Great news right?

Well, enjoy your Tuesday babes.
Sweet day ahead, muahs.
Thanks for dropping by and welcome to civilization.

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  1. nice post! :D But the background color is too similar with the text leh. hard to see :(


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