Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of pool times and DIY nail art.

Went out with my BFFs : Miyen, Remy and Tham along with his gf for a yumcha session and pool time last Friday. 

We did have our fun in doing what we do although some ''certain person'' might be disliking what we do. 

Things gets difficult when you've someone whose not accustomed to our style. 

I mean if you don't like it don't join us, why the fuck do you wanna make a commotion out of it?

We didn't even expect your presence.

Sorry about the moody stuff but I really dislike people talking about me when I literally did no nothing....it flames me a lot.

Anyway moving on to the pictures that we managed to captured that day.
#1 Self shot at Maxbreak with some stupid lighting.

#2 Another shot of me.

#3 With Miyen
Courtesy of Miyen

#4 Remy & Miyen
Courtesy of Miyen

#5 Miyen in action, guess if the ball went in.

#6 Like a pro. 
Courtesy of Miyen

 #7 Argh...I'm so fat.
Courtesy of Miyen

That's all the pictures we managed to captured in Maxbreak.

 Miyen had written her awesome entry about our pool times too, right here

Pity Remy that his car broke down...it really needs a fix.

Continuing with my fashion post.
#1 Outfit of the day.
White sweater and navy blue color block dress bought from Times Square.

#2 Makeup of the day.

#3 Chio or not?

#4 Me with my sweater.

#5 Posing with my injured finger. T^T

#6 Don't know what to say...duhhh~~

 #7 Last one.

Alright, you do notice that this post is about DIY nail art too right?

I was in the mood to do my nails yesterday midnight. Yes, I'm nocturnal.
  My current nails. #beforecleaningtheexcess

I used pastel blue as the base and shiny dark blue on the bottom half of my nails for my thumb, index finger and pinky.
Then I used a toothpick to draw a heart and some lines for my middle finger and drew # on my ring finger.

Products used in creating the design above :
Shiny blue nail polish from Elianto.

 Matte white nail polish from Elianto.

To create the pastel blue nail polish, I mixed the above nail polishes in a ratio of 2:3.

 Lastly I finished off with this clear pink nail glitter as the top coat.

My nails.....with my favorite ointment.

That's all for today.
Ending with the skincare products that I'm using currently. Will do a review about them soon enough.
Thanks for dropping by.

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