Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The annoyance I'm referring to is PEOPLE.

Some people just don't know when to stop.

For God's sake, must you make people to tell in you the face that you are fucking annoying and scold you till you have no pride left?!

I for one HATE people annoying me.

I dislike people keep pestering me FOR THE THINGS THEY WANT.

Please do not ask so many freaking times after I already REJECTED your request.

When I already said NO, then it's a definite NO.

Please don't play Mr Genius by interpreting my NO as a YES

when it's a FUCKING NO.

I can understand if you request for something that is URGENT 

and it concerns both parties.


IF IT ONLY CONCERNS YOU, why the fuck should I give a damn about it?

Do not be ridiculous for DEMANDING something instead of REQUESTING for it UNLESS I owe you something.

I SHALL NOT and WILL NOT burden myself because of your ridiculous demands.

You are NOT my immediate and extended family member, my close friends or my boss

Please FUCK OFF.

Thank you.

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