Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Losing my freedom??

Forced to go for a consultation at a hospital in Ipoh today because of my still not healing knee and man it's time consuming.

I slept only at 5am and was woken up by my dad around 9am, feel like a walking dead....totally drained.
Was watching Bakemonogatari (Ghost Story) till 5am and didn't even manage to finish the last episode although there's just 15 episodes.
My uncle drove my aunty, my dad and me there...
Reached there around 11am and came back to Kampar at 2pm~~~my body is totally exhausted.

There's something I'm happy about.
I finally met someone I yearned to meet.
Coincidence or fate?

Damn I feel so helpless....I need to help out at my aunty's kindergarten starting tomorrow.

Although I agreed, it's totally half-hearted, I need to work from 8.30am - 5.30pm.
I'm having sleeping disorders and it will be troublesome for me to wake up so early~~T^T

How am I suppose to survive this???

I'm gonna hibernate now and there'll be lesser posting from now onwards.

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