Monday, April 02, 2012

Liese Bubble Hair Color Review (Platinum Biege)

Here's the promised review on Liese Bubble Hair Color. 
I tried Cassis Berry twice before and the results were of satisfaction so I decided to go for Platinum Biege. 
Bought it at Watsons for RM30.40 which was the cheapest by far.

This is how the packaging looks like.
Very girly and cute as expected from Japanese products.

The color guide for the expected results.

Contents included:
1) Solution 1 : Liese hair color P12 (40ml)
2) Solution 2 : Liese hair color developer (60ml)
3) Foamer cap
4) Gloves
5) Liese nourishing hair lotion (4g)
6) Instruction guide (below)

For those who are lazy, there's actually a simplified instruction manual on the box itself.
So convenient right?

Solution 1

Solution 1

Solution 2

Solution 2

Nourishing hair lotion

Nourishing hair lotion

  Start off with mixing solution 1 and solution 2.
Then turn it upside down GENTLY for a few times with cap enclosed.

You will be getting something like this after mixing them.

Continue with putting on the foamer cap and squeeze the center of the bottle gently to dispense foam.
P/s : Don't expect real foamy foam to be dispensed as it varies due to room temperature and air dampness.
For me, it didn't really turn out foamy until the very end.

Lastly, wait for 20-30 minutes or even longer for better results (I left it on for an hour). 
Wash thoroughly with shampoo and condition your hair well.
Apply the hair lotion on either wet or dry hair.
And voila~~you're done!!
 Fun and easy. Totally suitable for DIY.

See for yourself.
#1 My hair color before recoloring under the sunlight.
As you can see my roots are clearly noticeable and there are 3 tones of color on my hair which is annoying.

#2 Under fluorescent light

#3 Under fluorescent light

And the results~~~
 Striking new hair color under the sunlight!
It looks a bit reddish brown on the roots and as for the light colored hair, it helped toned down the previous color a lot.
You can see that all my roots are of the same color now at the bottom left.

The color looks more evenly distributed under fluorescent light.

 Verdict : 9/10
I would say that I totally LOVE Liese Bubble Hair Color despite the heavy chemical smell.
My hair feels so smooth even after coloring.
Its so easy to use and so convenient that you can go on with your daily activities while dyeing your hair which is fantabulous!

So yeah...yesterday was April Fools Day, did anyone of you get pranked or did you manage to prank someone??
Feel free to share it with me!

Logging off with my kisiao photo!
Happy belated April Fools Day!!


  1. I have never tried this brand before. I prefer to color my hair in the salon though its more expensive because the times I have tried doing it myself, headed to disaster.

    However the color suits you well and looks good on you.

    1. Yeah, I do prefer to do it at the salon too but when short on $$ I resort to DIY. Just to last a month or two maybe.
      Thanks for dropping by!! =)

  2. Done it twice a day b4 CNY 2 years in a row. Next year must go saloon :D


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