Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bukit Aman Police Station PHISHING SCAM!!

Short update : 
I'm currently helping out at my aunt's kindergarten, everyday facing kids that make you smile and frown.
They really are monsters and angels combined together.
Actually this entry is because of an incident that happened today to one of my colleagues at the kindergarten, Mrs C.
Mrs C received a call from this number : +123456 which claimed to be from Pos Malaysia.  
(If it were to happen to me, I wouldn't bother to even pick up the call from this number)

Mrs C was told that she has 2 letters from the high court but couldn't be delivered to her.
(Crazy thing, letters couldn't be delivered but you can contact the person??)

Mrs C was asked to ensure if the letters were addressed to the correct person with the person acting on behalf who will call her later. 
(Wow, letters from high court will check with police officers first??)

It turns out to be an Inspector from Bukit Aman (or so he claims) calling from this number : +60322662222 as shown on her mobile phone
(The number is the LEGIT number of the Bukit Aman police station)

The so called Inspector claims that the bank accounts of my colleague were used in transferring illegal money and she 's supposed to help out with the investigation THROUGH THE PHONE.  
(Have you ever seen any police asking you to help out with an investigation without inviting you to the police station??)

Due to FEAR, Mrs C was talked into into believing the matters concern is serious and she is to give her full cooperation if she wants THE INSPECTOR to help her.
(Fellow readers, be careful and keep a clear mind when answering calls with serious claims.)

Straight forward enough, THE INSPECTOR asked about her bank accounts and how much money she has in there. 
When she answered that the bank account she has is related to the school and it needs 3 persons signature to withdraw money, THE INSPECTOR blurted out : ITU SANGAT SUSAH.
(Clear enough THE INSPECTOR already tell her that IT'S A SCAM)

THE INSPECTOR then continued to asked her whether she has any bank accounts that has RM10,000 in it.
Luckily, this time she answered NO.
THE INSPECTOR ended the call saying that he will call back within 5 minutes, but then of course you know what happens next.
He didn't call back.

This phishing scam has been around for more than a year already and The Star newspaper has reported it before, click here.

When you search for Bukit Aman police station contact number, you will find lots of related posts regarding this kind of scams with different kind of claims.

 P/s : Please be absolutely wary when answering phone calls from numbers that you have never seen before. 

If the person claims that it is something important or serious, DO INITIATE to meet the person and in this case, tell that person that you will be seeing his colleague at a local police station.

MAKE SURE that you ask for that person's details & you can VERIFY the authenticity of his ID by YOUR OWN MEANS instead of calling the contacts that are provided by that person.

 NEVER EVER disclose your personal information THROUGH THE PHONE regardlessly.

NO MATTER who is the person speaking to you, ESPECIALLY if that person claims to be an Inspector or any government related officers, DO NOT transfer or pay him/her any money.


This kind of incidents really makes me wonder if the technology in Malaysia is too backdated that people can easily use devices to scam the public or the devices used in these scams are too advance to be detected by Malaysian government to solve this scams.

Either way, I think that OUR GOVERNMENT should INVEST MORE TIME AND MONEY in curbing scams like these instead of spending them in CREATING A FACEBOOK PAGE or POLITICIZING EDUCATION.

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That ends this post.

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