Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yet another random post.

Since I'm lazy to blog with words, I shall flood this entry with my photos.
#1 Green woolen top and black high waist shorts with lace details (shown here)


#3 Navy blue and mink color body fitting dress

#4 Plum red with lace detailing cheongsam.
Short hair, #cheatone.


#6 Pink color one piece top with jeans vest


 #8 Floral top with black high waist shorts with ribbon details and grey outerwear

Do let me know which do you like best~~~

Before my abrupt ending...
 I feel like dyeing my hair like that~~~~<3<3<3

BTW, today's my dad's birthday.
Happy birthday dad!!<3

Okay...thanks for dropping by.


  1. me like the navy blue and yes I don't mind to dye my hair blue but need to blench first :S

    1. you like that too??^^ yaya...need to bleach first but the main problem is acceptance by people around me~~must consider seriously nao><


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