Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random posting.

Yes today is white valentine's day.
So, happy white valentine's day to everyone.

Since someone is working, I just went out with my BFF, YanQ.
We went to MyDream Dessert in Bandar Baru, Kampar.
#1 I ordered Tiramisu

#2 Actually the Tiramisu tasted okay only, creamy texture but the bread in between and at the bottom is really meh cause they are real hard which caused me a hard time cutting them using the fork.

#3 Old bean strawberry milk tea..not too bad compared to YanQ's fresh orange..^^
There's lots of sago hidden in the milk tea.

#4 Spaghetti that YanQ appeared delicious but in the end it looks like a mess due to excessive oil.

#5 Spaghetti & the fresh orange.
P/s : I ordered iced old bean strawberry milk tea and they really gave me a cup of ice. ._.''

After that we went shopping for her skincare products.

Well that's all for today.


  1. hmm..the spaghetti does looks a bit out of shape >_<"

    1. very true. nonetheless it actually tasted okay but the appearance is a total turn off as you get to the end of your meal.

  2. happy white valentine's day :D


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