Thursday, March 29, 2012


I just got back from KL. Had some bonding time with my cousin bro and crashed my friend's place.
Thanks to you two!!

Man, it was tiring~~~~my shoulders aching, I'm walking with heavy feet & every step that I take sounded like as if I'm wearing baby's boots.

I realize that every time I'm somewhere away from home, there will be obstacles waiting for me.

Today I was stuck at the LRT station for almost an hour because my bag broke and nobody bothered to ask why.

Not even the POLICEMEN.

I was standing there like an exhibit and two guys who were promoting TM Unifi there kept looking and talking about me.

LUCKILY, my guardian angel came to my aid or else I'll be forever standing there and thus turn into a statue.

Getting on with the main topic.
I was with Miyen on Monday, we spent the whole afternoon till night snapping pictures. WTF right.

Anyway, we had fun talking and taking photos for one another. For her awesome post, click here.

Photos loading~~

Starting of with a few ugly photos.




Scared already??

Whilst figuring what to do, I tried french braiding however I gave up because I grew tired.

#4 The black roots are starting to be striking again.
Will redye my hair by end of this month using the bubble hair color by Liese and I'll surely do a review about it..

For those who braved through the awful photos, here are the legit ones.

#1 Like this the most.
Credit to Miyen

 #2 Credit to Miyen

 #3 Cheese~~
Credit to Miyen

 #4 My leg looks so long here~~~<3<3
Credit to Miyen

#5 Credit to Miyen

 #6 Credit to Miyen

 #7 Noticeable different eye sizes due to angle problem.
Credit to Miyen

 #8 Blurry self shot

#9 Credit to Miyen

 #10 Candid shot??
Credit to Miyen

 #11 Credit to Miyen

 #12 Credit to Miyen

While I was drafting this post, my bro suddenly off the router. WTF!
It's like he's too tired to be his normal self. >_<

Well these pictures were taken for a competition but I will not disclose anything just in case I don't get it.

That's all peeps.


  1. your portrait pic looks good on your pink singlet :D


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