Friday, March 09, 2012


Hey all....I'm just back from KL and I saw that my beloved Princess's latest post.

I must say that there loads of fucktards out there who are trying to undermine others to gain POPULARITY and I FUCKING HATE IT A LOT!!!

Quoted from Miyen's post:
Sometimes I read topics from forums or where ever and I find it interesting. So I write a blog post relevant to the topic and post a link of my post back to that specific forum topic.

AND THEN, some people go bananas and start chiding me for trying to sneakily promote my blog... in a frigging SARCASTIC way.

I really HATE people who use their butts to think instead of their brains. Why the FUCK are you minding other people's business SINCE YOU DON'T WANT TO HELP PROMOTE HER BLOG?
Are you dumb or something?? Come on...even a pig knows this better.

When you're busy making a commotion, you're ACTUALLY ATTRACTING more attention and INDIRECTLY helping her to promote her blog....GEDDIT??
Regardless people who visited her blog on a good or bad intention, she gets MORE TRAFFIC.
And that's thanks to YOU!
Of course, she will feel annoyed BUT she won't be losing a piece of her meat so NO HARM done.

Secondly, forum IS a place where people share their thoughts and experiences.
Why the fuck did you all go attack someone when she's sharing her part of thought???
If you don't fucking agree with her thoughts just SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
If you really don't like her promoting her blog just let her know in a POLITE manner, it's NEEDLESS for this group bullying. You could have made it a PRIVATE forum or might just as well inform the administrator to CLOSE your FUCKING forum topic.

Another quote from her post:
 And when I write my own experiences about job applications in Genting or how I tackle ACCA payment problems or whatever, I'm trying to help people get relevant, reliable information considering how little information the Internet has on these specific areas. Especially since I know how it feels being in their shoes.
I'm not even selling anything or asking for anyone's money.
And you know what, there are other people OPENLY promoting their stuff.

What's wrong with a fellow BLOGGER sharing about her life and experiences??
She's just letting her readers to get to know her more besides sharing reliable and useful information for people who needs them.
I mean for God's sake, it's HER BLOG.
She has ALL the right and authority to blog about anything that catches her interest.
AND as for you cyber bullies, you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to chide her just because she's promoting her blog.
Please do not do something just because YOU are green with envy, YOU might just get a taste of your own medicine.

Sorry for all the cursing BUT I'm really infuriated by cyber bullies!
People out there who comes across with cyber bullies need not be discouraged.
Be brave....let them know that they are the ones who actually feel inferior and intimidated.
Well, that's all for now.....there'll be another post coming right up.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. chill, later piggy bite you :p

    BTW love your new header, I hope it brings in more traffic for you ^_^

  2. Oh my god. Thank you for watching my back, sister! Love you<3 Haha. Yeah, f*** them!!! :P

    1. love you lots...muahs~~<3
      hope you enjoy your chess tournament there..^^


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