Saturday, February 18, 2012

of Japanese & Fusion Food Restaurant in Bandar Baru, Kampar.

Once upon a time during chor sei of CNY, Princess Ice-Cream and Candy went to a Japanese & Fusion Food Restaurant namely Shunka.

#Snapshot of the tissue because Candy forgot to take a photo in front of the restaurant

#Candy thinks that the interior is very well done and the service was quite good

#Candy was attempting to take a photo of the view of the rain outside but fail to the max
#Can you guess which one is Candy's?

Moving on to the food, Princess Ice-Cream and Candy ordered this sushi which Candy already forgotten the name.
It cost RM 9.90 per plate of 8 pieces and that was quite worth it.
The sushi was crunchy and the taste blends well with the mayonnaise.
#picture taken by Candy

#picture taken by Princess Ice-Cream

The above drinks must be drank with caution, suitable for kids and ants.
They are of very thick texture and feels like milk ice-cream melting in your mouth EXCEPT that it's super sweet kind of milk ice-cream.
Candy ordered green tea milkshake instead of coffee based drinks because they ran out of coffee, how in the earth could that happen???
As for Princess Ice-Cream, she ordered vanilla milkshake because the tutti frutti milkshake was out too. What luck.
Total turn off! Blah.....Candy must agree that the $ went down the drain.

Lastly came a life saver : lemon sorbet!!!
The sorbet tasted sour with a tint of sweetness.
Needless to say : It's SUPER REFRESHING and zesty.

If you're wondering who is Princess Ice-Cream and Candy, Princess Ice-Cream is Miyen and Candy is yours truly.
The names were actually the combination of the taste of the milkshake : Candy Ice-Cream.
Just sharing the joke we made about the milkshake.

Well, there you have it.

Last but not least, Happy Belated Valentine's Day~~~~<3<3

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Princess Ice Cream! Yay<3 Haha. Very nice post! I don't mind eating there again :P

    1. Thanks gal~~sure we can go there if you're free...^^

  2. the lemon sorbet looks stunning!

  3. nice food and drinks to go with it.


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