Sunday, February 26, 2012


YES!!! I cut my hair again...basically I just trimmed my hair and get myself side swept bangs.

The above photos are taken while getting ready to go out with my lovely Miyen

We were walking around as usual and Miyen went to get her daily contact lenses at I-view Optical when it started to rain so we went for shelter at the nearest cafe available.
I remembered that the cafe was called De Omni Cafe years ago but now I don't know what's it called.

We both sat there like forever before moving on to ordering our pick of the day.
Actually we both had a problem with the menu as we don't see the favorite pick which is french fries in the menu and were wondering what we should order instead just to get fries.
But when we were placing our order, the waitress told us that 'golden bars' ARE french fries.
What a laugh.
Miyen ordered this : Highland Strawberry Chocolate.
 This chocolate drink is topped with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate love letter, I really don't know where the strawberry comes in place.
Anyway, she says that it tastes nice and was quite filling.

As for me, I ordered this : Iced Coffee Love Mocha.
It tasted like bitter sweet, quite decent.
Some more in such a large portion...see the beer glass. Muahahaha...

Lastly to satisfy our sweet tooth, we ordered this dessert : Mango House.
It's a mango based dessert with mango puree, mango cubes, sago and a scope of vanilla ice-cream.
When we first saw it, we thought that the mango might be very sour as they appeared very green BUT it turned out to be more than OK.
The slight sour from the mango cubes goes just nice with the mango puree.
The generous amount of sago and the vanilla ice-cream adds to the texture of the puree.

Well, that's all.

Thanks for dropping by.
Another post with lots of picture coming right up.
Stay tuned...^^


  1. stop having side swept bangs, getting a shorter cut this year so that my hair don't get too heavy when it grows =X

    1. any style is okay as long as you feel comfortable with it.=)
      i'm trying to get back my waist long hair but i keep it layered cause i have thick hair too....this is the very first time i'm having side swept bangs though~~~^^


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