Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear blog, sorry that I have been neglecting you.

**Actually I'm blogging to inform everyone that I'm still alive, just stuck in my home in Kampar**

Sorry that I've not been blogging for about two weeks ++.

This is due to the freaking unbelievable knee injury.

I hurt myself 3 FREAKING times in a month just doing some SIMPLE actions.....sighs~~~

I'm home-bounded SINCE 29 January till now. Absolute boredom.

Will be visiting the Chinese doctor again later and it's my 5 visit already.

Although my knee is getting better, I still can't walk more than the length of my house without feeling like wanting to fall and I can see old grandmas walk so much better than me.

My 1st term is ending next week and the fees that I paid are burnt, I only attended 1 lecture.

Super heart pain leh~~~~~I xin xin ku ku earn the $$ just dumped into the sea.

Adding to my misery, I wouldn't be able to work for at least 2-3 months.

Bo $$ bo life eh!!!!

Ok la...I shall stop whining here.

Will resume blogging regularly when I retrieve my lappie which I left in KL.


  1. it's good to enjoy your life while you're away from blogging. May you're inspired to blog when you get back your laptop ^_^

  2. i hope to be able to enjoy life too... thanks for your encouragement~~^^


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