Thursday, January 05, 2012


Being in a situation in a way you least expected is totally BAD.

I had a BLOODY PAINFUL MUSCLE STRETCH below me right knee JUST because I squatted down to fix the shoe strap that snapped from me wedges. 


 I was already feeling all giddy since yesterday and I'm supposed to visit the doctor this morning before this came into the picture and became the MAJOR issue. 

This is the WORST thing that can happen when there's nobody to take care of you. (in this case, ME)

Feeling so dumbfounded when it happened but still I managed to call for help from me colleague.

 Thank you so much to everybody who came to my aid, without you all I won't manage to reach home safely!!

Sat on a wheel chair for the very FIRST time and I definitely DISLIKE the way how passerbys looked at me.

 Anyway, I'm now resting at home with an unable to be straightened right leg.

Trying real hard to straighten me leg just as the doctor ordered but me efforts are in vain.
I can't even stretch me leg for > 45 degrees, pathetic right?

I'm hopping around like a silly girl.

Well,  time for medicine.
Pray that I get well soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

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