Saturday, January 07, 2012


Finally I CAN WALK already!!!
 Yet, my leg's not fully recovered......sighs.
 I really HATE shopping ALONE because I feel dumb doing it.
I DESPERATELY need a new pair of shoes for work since my ONE & ONLY decent pair of wedges is damaged.
I went shopping by myself. (foreveralone.jpg)

Anyhaos, I slept till pretty late today (woke up around 2pm)....I think its the side effect of the medicine.
Needless to say, Times Square was crowded with people when I reached there.
I'm not quite a crowd person and I do my best to stay away from crowded places UNLESS it's an emergency.
Well, in this case it is an EMERGENCY!!

I spent about 3 hours there buying stuffs and its SUPER DIFFICULT to shop when lots of people crowd at one shop.......I'm like : WHY YOU SO CROWDED??

I proceed to buying T-shirts on behalf of my brothers and dad first.
Total spent on them : RM161
*sorry, forgot to take pictures*

Moving on, haul of the day.
1. Navy blue and mink color body fitting dress. RM25.00

Up close #1

Up close #2

2. Super comfy black jacket with lace and sequins detailing. RM25.00

3. Plum red with lace detailing cheongsam. RM39.90
(too bad it's a bit short to be worn as a dress)

Up close #3.

4. Pink colored sneakers. RM79.90
FINALLY, sneakers which are comfy!!!

Up close #4

5. Tan colored braided string wedges. RM69.99

Up close #5

6. Blue colored washed denim. RM49.00
(Found one decent pair of jeans after walking for don't know how long.)

Up close #6

7. Mink colored hair clip. RM12.90
(Looks so cute with the small gold ribbon detail.)

Total spent (MYSELF) : RM301.69

I'm pretty satisfied with the things that I bought today and half of the total spent on myself is on shoes......
Is like OMGWTFBBQ, right? 
But still can't do anything about it since I have super sensitive skin and wearing the wrong pairs of shoes is disastrous. 
Pathetic, I am.

BTW, I was shopping for the whole day with an empty much more crazy can I be??

Well, I'm hungry already so till next update.

 Thanks a lot if you dropped by, appreciate it. 


  1. hey, the pink coloured sneakers are so cute! XD

  2. thanks for dropping by!! so cute that i can't resist~~~<3


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