Tuesday, January 17, 2012


UNFORTUNATE EVENTS follow me since the start of this dragon year.

I ACCIDENTALLY sprained my ligament below my right knee AGAIN!

It still hurts to this very moment even though doctor gave me an injection just moments ago.

 It was swollen almost immediately.
I couldn't even moan in pain as I stretched the muscle on my left thigh at the very same moment.
Imagine how painful it is, painkillers won't even work.

Fortunately there's nothing serious with my left thigh but this is the second time I hurt my ligament in 2 weeks time.
It's getting worse, I don't feel any relieve after the injection and I couldn't lift up my leg at all.

Pray that I will be alright.
I don't want an injured leg before Chinese New Year. 
Needless to say, I don't want my superiors to kill (NOT literally) me for taking so much MC in a month.

That's all.
I will try my best to sleep.
Good nights.

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