Sunday, December 18, 2011

BORED. Need a CHANGE in environment.

I'm becoming more and more lazy to blog nowadays.....needless to mention about my broadband's ever so 'FAST' connection speed (likeaslowpoke.jpg). 

I've not been feeling well for the whole week already. 

It rains too much. 
The weather's terrible and my clothes took a few days longer to dry eventhough I used the washing machine.....
Why must it rains like nobody's business every time before CNY? 

Rainy days makes a gloomy me (of course, unless I managed to sleep through it).

How do you not feel gloomy and sleepy in this kind of a weather?
It's still raining now......WTF!!!

Back to main topic : Yes, I'm sick and tired of my current life.

It's totally boring and repetitive. I need something new.....argh!!
WHY must every living human being go through the same boring cycle???

Please~~~~God, I need some color in my dull life.

EOS, Christmas is coming soon. What plans do you guys have for Christmas?
As for me, I'll be going home for Christmas.....=)

But too bad, quite a number of my friends especially Princess Katy will not be in hometown this Christmas.
Really hope to see them......

My brain's a mess that my blog is totally unorganized....
 Okay, I think I shall end here for this week.
I can't wait for my hair to get longer. 
I might want to perm it or dye it with another color......something ashy perhaps?

Thanks a lot if you dropped by!


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  2. Obrigado pela impulso do ego! Espero que você gosta do meu post =)


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