Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Still remember about my last post of my skincare products?? I'm so so happy to tell you the range of Follow Me products worked!!!
 Yippee..I'm finally starting to see results..whole lot lesser breakouts but still far from fully healed.

I must admit that I was petrified with my face because the condition was pretty bad and it's been like this since July (4 months, rite?). 

Due to my persistent nature, I'm adding a few other products to my list. I just got meself some products from Ms. Ling Kok, I ordered it yesterday and I received them today (fast and efficient service, great after sales services). Thanks Ling!!! 

She's having a year end sale promo of buy 2 box free 1 box for ampoules, essence, slimming ampoule & Naruko face mask/eye gelly mask. 

What are you waiting for, check out her facebook page : France Ampoule-Phytoderm/DeSoins & 24k Gold Serum!

 My haul of the day

 La Belle Acnex Ampoule RM35.00
Indication : Suitable for acne, pimple & oily skin
Soothes irritated area. Contains antiseptic effect on acne and pimple affected area. Excellent in controlling breakouts.

 Phytoderm Azulen Ampoule RM30.00
Indication : Suitable for sensitive, dry ,itchy & irritated skin. Especially redness & itchy skin.
Perfect for sensitive complexion : attenuates & diffuse redness. Desensitizes all forms of irritation; soothing, clarifying and softening effect.

 De Soins Clarifying Ampoule RM30.00
**I got this FOC in line with the promo, happy..=)**
Indication : Suitable for all skin types, especially scar
This revolutionary solution will clarify your skin with concentrated collagen, improving your complexion, making it healthier & more radiant.

 5ml refill bottle RM1.80 each

La Belle Vita C powder mask RM5.00
Gentle to all skin types. Provide detoxify, lightening & hydrating effect. Increase skin moisture level & anti-aging.

La Belle Peppermint powder mask RM5.00
Specially formulated for oily skin. Helps control skin sebum & soothe acne/pimple. Refreshing; cooling down skin.

I bought all the above for only RM83.00 inclusive of postage (Ling was SOOO nice to give another 3% off for her FB fans). 
Can't have this much goodies at most beauty salons.....they'll charge you so damn much your purse will be empty when you come out.

I'M UBER EXCITED!!! Can't wait to use and review them!! 
These products are PERFECT for people with hectic lifestyle. 
Plus a LIFE SAVER for people with $$ issues, so affordable compared with the ones sold in those "cut-throat" beauty salons!!

Signing off with my new hair color. Thanks for dropping by!!! =)
Lazy bum tip of the day :
**Guess what, I've been using my toner as my hair mist and it works just fine**

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