Thursday, November 03, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday and I'm officially 20......WOOHOO!! Nothing to be hyped up about actually...getting older by the year..*sighs*

Its raining shit now and the same goes for yesterday....I was practically stuck at home yesterday before one of my friend ask me out to yumcha. WHAT A BORING BIRTHDAY! 


I know Halloween's over but something creepy did happen's the 2nd weird thing that 'VISITED' me since I moved in here. Well....I was alone yesterday and listening to D City Rock by Teddyloid ft.Debra Zee from the anime PSG (video above) when I heard people chatting loudly as what my housemate, Lorraine always does with her bro. But somehow to my amazement, not a single soul was home when I went out to go to the toilet. -.-'' I'm 100% positive that I'm not imagining things.....thank goodness that my housemates came back before I went out. Dismissed the incident as I was too sleepy after going out but since it's broad daylight now I can blabber everything about yesterday right??

FIY, this is not the 1st time things like this happen to me but it has been a LOOOONG time since incidents like this occurred.

Okay..moving on, the other incident that happened to me 1 month ago that I deemed STRANGE was hearing spooky voices inside a lift full of people. Spooky~~~REALLY damn spooky.. Firstly I thought that it was the guy behind talking to me but NOOO!! He was on his earphones listening to music. DAMN!! Since then, every time I'm in the lift alone I'll be hoping that the door of the lift remains closed until I reached 6th floor and it moves up FAST. I can't really make out what I heard but I'm sure it's a very deep voice as of a man's voice and it was in English. I was too horrified as I started hearing the voice from the 4th floor and it sent chills down my spine. The only thing I remembered is that one of the lights inside the lift was spoilt...><

Enough of my spooky stories.....back to the main topic : I'm job-hunting again!!!
Well...I'm no rich people so I've to work to fund my studies UNTIL somebody is GENEROUS enough to fund my studies. HEAR THAT PEOPLE?? 

I applied for some jobs on and somebody called me when I was in the toilet doing my business... SO...whoever called me please call me back as I'm unable to call you due to the UNKNOWN number.

That's all for now folks....I'm SUPER DUPER hungry~~~~haven't had my breakfast + lunch yet because of the ever annoying rain T_T 

 Oh last question : Would it be interesting if I were to blog about my spooky and scary experiences?? 
*please be generous enough to comment if you drop by..your kindness is totally appreciated*

Thanks for reading....buh-bye!!


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