Tuesday, November 01, 2011



Well, I was back in Kampar for 2 weeks and I barely went out except with my family. Yes, spend lots and lots of time with my family. Its better than spending time with those so-not-close friends.

The first thing I realized after coming back KL : my CMOS battery's dead. Really WTF!!! My laptop is annoying me to no end. It's lagging like hell but still can't do anything about it.

Anyway moving on to my favorite topic, beauty and fashion. I bought a new set of skin care products to try out since my face is no where near healed.

 Follow Me oil control + whitening series

 Anti shine cleanser

 Purifying toner
(I use my toner with the orange sprayer, dislike the cotton sticking on my face)

Mattifying moisturizer *I got them FOC*

 Spotless pimple gel
(It's suppose to lighten my scars and get rid of pimples or so it says)

Poreless blackhead remover

Holistic spa hand & body lotion *another freebie~~^^v*
(I like the orangy smell so so much)

 Collection of my masks.

 Aloe hydrating wash-free mask ie.sleeping mask
(Used it a couple of times and my skin felt soft and supple..seen reduction in breakouts.)

Gold cacao pack
(I must say its so over-rated..it does no magic about my breakouts but I do like the cooling feel on my skin)

JINSKO nose mask

 Gold eye mask
(For eye bags when I sleep late)

Blue eye mask
(For wrinkles, just trying for fun)

SHISEIDO black mask
(This is one of my favorite, can definitely see all the impurities and facial hair being removed.)

I'll update my reviews in 2 weeks time for best results.

Moving on.......
Washed light blue denim look alike hand phone pouch.....<3

 Nike bag
(I chose pink color since only pink and black is available. I had to upload this picture thrice, stupid laptop!)

I guess that's all for beauty and fashion.

 Angpao from my mum for my b-day..Thanks a lot Mum, love you. And thanks for Dad's wishing although tomorrow's the actual date, love you too!

That's all. I'm going to eat my fruits now. Thanks for dropping by. Bye.

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