Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It's exactly 1.00am now and I just finished doing my laundry~~I accidentally killed my leather skirt cause I threw all my clothes in the washing machine without noticing...SOBS. There goes my fave black leather skirt..T.T

Anyway, I'm kinda sleepy although I feel like studying so now I'm in a dilemma to sleep first or to study first?? Simple but difficult choice!

Every time I study my room turns into a war zone..SUPER MESSY with books and notes all over~~~MAIN REASON : I DON'T HAVE A TABLE IN MA ROOM! Although there's a table outside in the living room, I'm used to studying in the room where I can laze around when I'm bored..xD

I revised the first two chapters of my F1 and made my own version of summarized notes..

 See~~my all so colorful stick notes and index notes on my black and white F1 notes!:)

I can't study with materials that has NO COLOR!! They are really of great help!!

I was stuck and can't study this afternoon cause all these pen ran out of ink..and the shop downstairs wasn't open yet!!><

I attended my F1 class today and felt reassured that my lecturer said that I would have no problem with the CBE! Thanks a lot for the confidence boost!! 

Oh yeah, I went home last week cause I thought that my lecturer won't be able to distribute the notes of the last 2 chapters but turned out that he managed to do so...-.-"
At least my trip back wasn't an empty-handed trip...LUCKILY!

Well..actually I'm blogging to make myself awake and it's working but now I have stiff shoulders!! ARGH!! Off with my style of last minute intensive revision~~~TATA!

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