Monday, September 12, 2011


Never have I felt so tired because of someone crashing my place... First time ever...>< Not only did I not have enough sleep (practically I didn't get any sleep but just lying down resting while my friend slept like a log), but you get here and there@@
Anyway, I should say it was a time filling activity to me..xD I've been bored for the past few days because of the rainy season here..and it's raining AGAIN. Luckily it was just drizzling when I reach home..hush.. Reached home feeling dizzy but yet I can't sleep so I decided to put my crappy thoughts in blog..^^
Weather has been quite extreme in KL, its SUPER DUPER HOT for one moment and the next moment it rains..what's terrible is whenever you need to step outdoor, it rains~~ And because of this rapid weather change, I found myself having less appetite..WHENEVER FOOD CROSSED MY MIND, I JUST I HAVE ONE REACTION : FULL. If you're in my shoes, should you be happy or should you not??
 I just went out for awhile and I hurt myself without knowing it..happens so often that I'm irritated by how easily I get hurt..sometimes bruises, sometimes cuts and most of the time, PAPERCUT!! I'm like: DAMN, ANOTHER PAPERCUT?!

Snap 1 : Cut..
Snap 2 : Up close shot

P/S: Pretty sure that it's not a papercut but I'm absolutely clueless about how I got hurt..only realized that I'm hurt when the wound stings upon contact with water..

By the way, today's MOONCAKE FESTIVAL.. HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL PEOPLE! This is the first time ever I'm away from home during this festival..missing the atmosphere at KAMPAR!!

Some mooncakes for sharing~~bon appetit^^

 Traditional Mooncakes

 Snow Skin Mooncake

 Starbucks Tiramisu Mooncake
 Creatively done jelly mooncake..nice right??
Done for now..have to get ready to go to class~~tata^^

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