Sunday, September 04, 2011

September starts~~~

Here I am again when I've nothing to do..aihz~~ How life can be so dull...
I went back hometown for 6 days and I've done practically nothing much but eat, sleep, online... The only thing that I've managed to do is went out with my dear princess~~^^ Too bad we didn't take some pictures..T.T We went pasar malam the day I reach Kampar, makan outing..xD I stayed at home for the next few days..just went to Tesco to buy some stuffs with my family and I bought a new mouse (the previous one was pronounced dead..USB device cannot be detected).

Before going back KL on Friday, princess and I went for facial at ENZO beauty spa station because I can't stand the awful condition of my face..
Hmm..first sight, the exterior of the shop was quite okay.. But, not much privacy because they cramped everything in a single room. Practically you can see everybody and anybody and listen to their conversation even if you don't want to.. There was only 3 beauticians working and there's 4 customers including us which is something you wouldn't want if you're in a rush. I was served by a 'SENIOR' beautician (don't know her name though, didn't bother to ask)..she was quite forceful during extraction..besides that she didn't cover my eyes with cotton squares (which I've never experienced before and the products hurt my eyes..don't know it's because she's not that good in facial or she did it on purpose =X). The thing I liked the most throughout the whole facial was the massage (although weirdly it was done halfway through my facial), the cooling mask and the results after the facial..scars lightened and skin feels lifted and refreshed.. Throughout the facial she didn't really explain what she did or what products she used..
The beds there were like hard rock...felt very uncomfortable lying there for almost 2 hours..

To say the truth, I feel that the beautician was not that professional, too much leftovers of products on my face after the facial..some mask even stuck on my hair, how annoying..>< Besides that, they went outside and chatted very loudly while we were waiting for the mask to dry~~ Anyway I still bought a product from them : NA-ME Purifying Equilibrant Serum which cost me RM96.60 after discount (original price : RM138), felt that their products work..

I've used it just two times..once in every two did help in lightening my scars (a little) and regulate excess sebaceous secretion as said.. It's not greasy and absorbs very fast so you won't feel that your face is sticky. I don't know whether it'll work in clearing my skin but its worth trying..hope that my skin will return to its original state soon enough~~

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