Friday, September 09, 2011


It has just been a few days since I commented on the poor service of telcos and yet now they're giving me another reason to blog about them..what luck.

Effective from 15 September 2011, ALL PREPAID USERS have to SUFFER 6% service charge on purchases of prepaid reloads and prepaid starter/SIM packs. 

HOW HAPPY AM I TO HEAR THAT!! Knowing that prepaid users make up the majority of customers for all telcos in Malaysia, they impose this service tax just to ensure prepaid services remained competitive compared with postpaid?? WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS??

Does this means that all telcos have been suffering from limited profits since 1998?? If so, why implementing this SERVICE CHARGE only AFTER MORE THAN A DECADE??? thoughtful can they be.
The main reason why PREPAID lines are dominant over POSTPAID lines is because MOST USERS are STUDENTS and YOUNG WORKING ADULTS. Do you really expect each and every one of them to subscribe for a postpaid line?? Besides if the services of postpaid lines are THAT GOOD, people wouldn't mind to opt for it..isn't that so??

Let us do some calculation here :  
If I were to reload at least RM100 per month, which means that I have to pay RM6 EXTRA..that extra RM6 can be used for 600 smses or almost an hour of talk time (for DIGI). Imagine how much LOSS that I make in a year..7200 smses or 11 hours of talk time!!! 
Bloody might think that 6% is a small amount but in actual hardcore fact, that 6% can make big differences!

“With prepaid rates progressively reduced over the years, it is currently offered at very competitive rates” quoted from The STAR.
Do you even realize why prepaid rates are at very competitive rates? FYI, it's not the consumers fault but the problem in the industry itself BUT you charge us more for using your services?? Is this even fair?
You often see telcos like DIGI, MAXIS, CELCOM, U Mobile, Tune Talks, etc. advertising in TV with better services at a much more affordable price and even do the comparison for us! Prices drop relatively as telcos starts to MUSHROOM in Malaysia. To say the truth, do we really need so many telcos besides the advantage of variety in choices??
Anyway..if you really want to save that 6% for other better uses, there's just a few days left for you to stock up!! LOL...STOCK UP PEOPLE!!! 

 One final thing : Is the economical condition so bad that MALAYSIA is turning into a tax-based country?
I really wonder what's next of their TAX LIST..what do you think?

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