Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Lately I started playing MMOG game 弹弹堂 or ddt in short, recommended by someone special..^^
I was quite curious when I first started playing but for gamers out there who are familiar with Gunbound will easily get a hang of this game..the avatars are quite chibi.. Anyway this game can also be found in Facebook and Friendster but I took the liberty to register for an MMOG Asia account..the official site is 

snapshot 1 - official site

 snapshot 2 - official site

 snapshot 3 - main page

snapshot 4 - game room

snapshot 5 - me waiting for the game to start~~

 snapshot 6 - battle!! yup..that's me!

 snapshot 7 - victory although busy print screen..bad timing though, I'm the one throwing the fridge..><

Well, that's about it..happy gaming people!!

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