Sunday, September 18, 2011


I think almost everyone of you have heard about some parties that want to boycott Namewee's movie, Nasi Lemak 2.0 and requested that the movie be banned..'s been screening for more than a week already and NOW only you say CUT?? What so efficient haters~~~ Some sources said that there's been some parties questioning why this movie can be on the screens in the first place..and by asking this question does that mean that those who approved this movie after 2 layers of editing are blind including our PM?? LMAO..xD
Adding to this matter, some so called 'BRAVE PARTIES' decided to have their own way to promote their own negative thoughts about this movie. Let's have a look:

Why do people have to be so extreme in expressing their thoughts?? Isn't there other alternatives for them? FYI, there's already a platform for you to complain if you think that this movie is of bad influence. The above demonstration happen in Ipoh Parade..OMG! CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THERE'S STILL PEOPLE SEEKING PUBLICITY BY DOING THIS!
I'm ashamed that I come from the same state as YOU ALL! Shame on you..really can't imagine what will happen to the future of Perak if the government listens to all this CRAP.

One thing for sure, the next time you wanna defame someone please get their name right. If you can't even pronounce their name, don't even bother starting your're just making a joke out of yourself...haha.. This is a good example of how discrimination starts. Damn..have you not learn history? Do not repeat the same mistakes that your forefathers did. And yet again history repeats itself.. Move on and get a life people! You have no right to do this..he has already been PARDONED and he very well deserves a second chance.

Why must people make a fuss out of nothing? It's just a movie right?? PITY THEM IN THE ABOVE VIDEO..they don't even know the after-effects of their actions. Just take a look at the comments after the video has been posted on YOUTUBE, THAT'S THE VOICE OF MALAYSIANS. I hope that YOU ALL FELT FOOLISH doing this. ALL you did just PROMOTED BAD INFLUENCE AMONG MALAYSIANS, you taught them ILLEGAL DEMO! There are better things that could have been done instead of this MEANINGLESS only make people feel despise towards you guys. This is the WORST case of HATERS and ATTENTION WHORES! Why do so much to go against Namewee?? I mean he's just a Malaysian who's brave enough to voice out true facts about what's happening in our country.

I hope that the above party realize that what they voice out are just the voices and thoughts of THE MINORITY IN MALAYSIA! Just because you belong to some political parties that doesn't mean that YOU ARE THE VOICE OF MALAYSIANS!

To all the demonstrators above : Performing this demo is not some FOR FUN activity (look at all the youngsters holding the banners), being involved in this demo just downgraded yourself. Think twice before getting involved in such will regret what you just did because not only Malaysia knows about your disgraceful act but the whole world. Please don't judge others before you judge yourself (The man with the speaker who says that Namewee is badmouthing the government and Malaysia is the one who is ACTUALLY BADMOUTHING and QUESTIONING the GOVERNMENT, he kept on asking the government whether they realize their actions of permitting the screening of Nasi Lemak 2.0. WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION THEIR DECISIONS AND BY MENTIONING THIS ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS SO DUMB THAT THEY NEVER CONSIDER EVERY ASPECTS BEFORE APPROVING THE SCREENING??). The only reason why you feel that this movie has a hidden agenda is that YOU ARE HAVING A NEGATIVE PERSPECTIVE TOWARDS THIS MOVIE. Come on....don't promote prejudice in Malaysia. How are we going to achieve a developed nation status when there's still loads of narrow-minded Malaysians like YOU?? 

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