Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Have you people ever experience any problem after you happily bought your new mobile number?? 

I hope that you won't because that feeling sucks! I bought myself a NEW Maxis number about a month ago and I've been receiving unknown phone calls from people claiming that my phone number was actually a stolen number and that person know the owner of the phone number.. I'm like WHAT THE HECK~~I purchased this number legally from a Maxis store!! Okay...calm down and I told him that I BOUGHT it not long ago and asked him not to call anymore because NOW A CHINESE IS USING THE NUMBER. You know what he did?? He asked even more questions saying : "If you're CHINESE, how come you UNDERSTAND what I say??"

And again I was flared...WTF (please excuse my language), I'm a MALAYSIAN, how come I DON'T UNDERSTAND MALAY (MALAY is our National Language)?!!! What kind of a mentality is this?? Well..the caller is actually an Indon, arghhhh!!!! (P/S : Not trying to be racist here but some Indon really DON'T UNDERSTAND HUMAN LANGUAGE!!) I was at hometown the other day when he called so I just asked my dad to answer the phone and ask him not to call AGAIN!! Well..he did text me and said he WON'T contact me ANYMORE..but guessed what happened??
THAT STUPID INSOLENT GUY called me again earlier just now!!!! I'm SOOOOOOO pissed that I pretend to be my dad and text him saying : "IF YOU EVER CALL MY DAUGHTER AGAIN I'LL REPORT POLICE!" I hope he really gets my message or else I'll really do something more mean than reporting police!!! Pray for me that this guy will understand what I said...only God knows what he's thinking..><

That aside, this incident did raise question marks in my mind (OK, I admit that I'm the type who wants an answer for everything).. You can't blame me though..

Q1 : If his claims are true, does that mean that communication service providers (in my case, Maxis) recycle stolen and unused numbers?

-I mean you definitely don't want to buy a new number and have tonnes of unknown people calling you and looking for a person that you clearly do not know. Get what I mean? Scary isn't it, how easily our privacy are being invaded just like that..

Q2 : Why foreign workers have easy access in applying mobile phone numbers in Malaysia? Shouldn't there be any measures taken so that we as MALAYSIANS have our rights protected?

-It's not that it's wrong to let the foreign workers to have their own means of communication in Malaysia but if giving them their rights cause us Malaysians to lose our privacy, don't you think that there's a need to reconsider this convenience that we provide them??

Hmm...now some of you maybe thinking why am I taking this incident so seriously.. Some people may say : "Go and buy a new phone number laa..problem solved." But I can firmly tell you things like this tends to repeat itself regardless of how many times you change a new phone number. This time it might happen to me but who can guarantee that the next won't be you? I personally feel that although this might not be a very big issue but it clearly tells me that there's a big leak in our communication service providers system.

Be the judge yourself...is this convenience becoming a boon or a bane?

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