Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As I didn't have class today, I slept late and I woke up around 3pm today..>< After I woke up I did nothing but reply my smses and then stayed lying on my bed before going to get a hot shower, it was relaxing but yet I felt dizzy cause i stayed in there too long(about 40 minutes according to someone). Someone counted how long I was bathing, lols..just because waiting for my sms~~ Anyway, I did nothing this whole day besides some chores..

Everyday I'll have a very routine question in my head,"What's for dinner??" And I spent around 2 hours thinking of what to eat~~==" After asking about what to eat, I finally took the advice of eating fried rice BUT mamak style, 'nasi goreng pattaya' is what I chose for dinner today plus my favourite, iced milo!! I suppose the mamak store people are happy because I spend at least RM7 there every time(almost on daily basis). After I 'dabao' there, I went to check out a stall selling confectionery and 'kuih'..I was standing there looking at what to buy~~ Suddenly an Indian man asked the hawker about the bread and he practically went dumb and was looking at me..@@ So what can I do besides helping him?? It's a pity that most people can't speak in BM or English, just trying to understand the simplest communication English scares them.. Looking at this situation, I'm grateful that I was English educated with sufficient knowledge of BM and Mandarin..^^

This leads me to another weird thing that I found out in Malaysia ie. some companies uses Mandarin in a job interview. I went for a job interview(which I got no feedback from..T.T)last week at a jewellery company, not wanting to mention the was a Singapore based company but I'm dumbfounded that I was interviewed in Mandarin..== It's not like a Singaporean company can't interview people in Mandarin but I suppose it was weird to me since I've went to a lot of Singaporean company's for interview and this is REALLY a first time for me...she didn't even started the conversation in English..@@ I can understand if I were not able to speak or understand then only Mandarin comes into the picture but no~~ An eye opener for me><"

Well, I suppose I'm outta blog material here ciao!!

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