Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tomoro no class~~~

People are usually happy when there's no class tomorrow...but I'm not that thrilled since I've nothing to do besides to copy back all the notes for Sunday's class(I slept the whole day and didn't went to class, headache..=X)

AGAIN...I'm stuck at home, arghhh!!I think I've built up a habit of "dabao-ing" food at the mamak stall just at the corner of the housing area..every time after I finish class I sure buy there.. The reason's not because the food is extremely yummy or cheap BUT it's cause at the chinese hawker stalls, there's a lot of uncles sitting there watching me every time I pass by and I don't like it~~THIS DEFINITELY IS THE MALAYSIAN CULTURE, no matter who you are or what skin color you are..they sure sit down at the hawker stalls or mamak just to "blow water"...>< Today I ate a chocolate(BOUNTY, don't remember where it's from though)given by a friend of mine..it's quite special in a way that the filling of the chocolate is coconut meat~~first time eating something like this^^ Quite tasty~~~love the taste! Thanks a lot friend!(IF you're reading this, you know who you are) All this while staying here there's a very routine sound that you'll hear everyday..SIRENS(I've already lost count of how often you can hear it especially at night), weird isn't it? Anyway, back to the part where I've no class tomorrow~~ the good thing is that I can wake up later and do my house chores~~the only setback is that I'm bored with this since I don't have classes tomorrow and Thursday..T-T I think I'll "fatt mou" in my room~~@@ Any suggestions of what to do??? THINK, THINK, THINK AND THINK...<.>

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