Tuesday, July 12, 2011

can't sleep~~

Another of those nights that I can't sleep~~>< Currently listening to Night of Fate by Kenji Kawai(Fate Stay Night OST)...wish I have someone to chat with me now~~(everybody's sleeping like a pig now) 
 Now that I finally remembered what was bothering me whilst I was in the LRT on the way back from my class yesterday night~~ 
Here it goes, I was waiting for the LRT as usual, hot, sweaty and tired..not having to mention that there's lot of people there too.. After waiting for like more or less 5 minutes, I finally got on to the LRT and got a seat. Well, it's kinda cramped inside when I sat down since quite a few people squeezed in the seat. Firstly I didn't notice about anything unusual since I'm tired and hungry..but then the Middle Eastern student(I supposed he is) who sat beside me put his hand on the seat just next to my thigh..and then I tried moving a little bit to my Left to another guy who's asleep.. But then the whole journey he kept getting closer to me and I don't feel comfortable with it and in my heart I'm shouting : F***!! Did I chose the wrong seat? Damn..it's already bothering me that I'm super tired cause I didn't have anything yet besides a piece of bread in my stomach for the whole day! Now, with this guy beside me who keeps squeezing over every time I move further to the left! Luckily he didn't do anything he's not supposed to but I really hated that feeling~~><
(Well, there's a bunch of discomfort when you're on the public transport..not to mention the smell of people during the peak hours..GOSH! You can really faint..)

Hmmm...I'll try to go to have some shut-eye now..hope that I can get some sleep now~~

Night people..or should I say MORNING?

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