Monday, April 04, 2011

life in serdang..

its been age since i last blogged..but who cares though.>< back am i its been a month since i came here and i got to many fun friends here..^^ although i've good colleagues back at my previous company, Goldheart, i left due to some personal reasons.*sigh* anyway, i already found a new job which is at royal selangor. oh yeah, anyone who knows where to check epf around seri kembangan area please tell me, desperate for help..T.T bad news:i fell down and hurt my knees the other day(really unlucky since i came working here), good news:i got myself a new phone, xperia x8! yay! although i originally wanted to buy iphone4 or xperia x10 but due to my clumsiness, x8 will do..xD starting tomorrow i'll be going for dance lessons, anyone interested are welcomed to join(ultimax dance studio nearby jusco balakong)..sorry miyen, you can't join but hope that you're here too.. i miss all my kampar friends! and sorry that i was not able to spend time with you guys and gals, really do i miss the good old days..hope that can go yumcha, sing k, n blow water with you all sometime soon.

that's about it for now..angel logging off.

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